Receive Your Beautiful Inheritance – a Free Gift

“Indeed, I have a beautiful inheritance” (Psalm 16:6b).

Not long ago, I passed a lady walking on the side of the road. Slim and toned, she seemed so put together. 

I didn’t know her, but my mind began to taunt me about how wonderful her life must be. 

Exercising at this hour, she must have all kinds of flexibility in her days (certainly not a caregiver for an adult child.). 

I bet she doesn’t have any financial worries (just look at her matching workout clothes). 

She probably has great close friendships and some supportive mentors (she looks confident and popular). 

Here I was assessing a total stranger’s life as perfect based on outward appearances. Yet I knew better. 

beautiful inheritance

Difficulties Assault Us All

Difficulties, of some sort, assault us all. Maybe hers isn’t such a wonderful marriage. Maybe her children are prodigals. Perhaps a loved one recently died or she feels alone.

Worse yet, maybe she doesn’t have the hope of Christ!

It’s easy to slip into thinking someone has it much better than we do. But we all carry some sort of burden. 

A burden that, as Christians, shouldn’t drive us to comparison, but should instead drive us to our knees. 

Our burdens shouldn't drive us to comparison, but should instead drive us to our knees. Click To Tweet

A burden that, as we lay it at the feet of Jesus, produces something beautiful in our lives and/or in the lives of others. 

A few minutes after passing the outwardly put-together walker, my wandering mind began to wonder about her hard story. She certainly had one.

Our Ugly-Beautiful Stories

What was her ugly story that God had already turned, or could turn, into something beautiful? Did it mirror mine, or had she walked through tragedy I couldn’t comprehend? 

No matter, God can redeem them all. He transforms the dark into light; the desert into an oasis. 

He redeems our ugly stories, those most difficult parts of our lives, and grows something lovely from them. 

God redeems our ugly stories, those most difficult parts of our lives, and grows something lovely from them. Click To Tweet

A Beautiful Inheritance

The Lord promises redemption, not necessarily in way of a comfortable and easy life, but ultimately in a beautiful inheritance.

God promises redemption, not necessarily in way of a comfortable life, but ultimately in a beautiful inheritance. Click To Tweet

An inheritance of invaluable treasure! Life everlasting! Forever with our Lord!  

All we need to do is receive it. It’s free. It’s for all who turn to Jesus. 

And it’s not dependent on outward appearance. It doesn’t depend on how put together we are. 

Whether your life outwardly looks the part or not, if you know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, your inheritance is truly beautiful. 

So, we can stop comparing our lives to others, imagining their lives as far easier than ours. 

Each of our stories, if we abide with Christ, has a beautiful ending: the promised inheritance of a heavenly future. 

Each of our stories, if we abide with Christ, has a beautiful ending: the promised inheritance of a heavenly future. Click To Tweet

In faith, believe in this good and beautiful gift! 

Reflections: What’s your ugly-beautiful story? How does the promise of your beautiful inheritance bring you hope?

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Yours in grace ≈


I am a blessed wife, mother of four, and follower of Jesus Christ, celebrating each messy day through His grace. I write, edit, and speak as God leads.

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  • Cecelia Lester

    Julie: We are not supposed to look at one another and surmise what each other’s life is like. We might let the wrong impression about that person. Only God knows what that person has been through. I think of a lady a church who always came across as being well-dressed and one who has never had to do without. But, as I have come to know of her background and her weekly life, she’s just as busy with helping her family as I have been in my past.

    • True, Cecelia. Yet, I’m afraid most of us do as I did, and yes, get the wrong impression.

  • Linda Fitzpatrick McClellan

    I do my best not to judge people by their looks and actually the ones I least judge or the ones that appear to be homeless?? And very possibly they live in a nice place, probably a lot neater than mine right now, and they’re just out in their “grubs” as we called when I was a teenager. The ones that do come under scrutiny are the well dressed and seem to be snobby, that’s MY impression. I believe that anyone that says they never judge anyone is lying to themselves, sorry just stating facts! Just like if someone says “I’m not prejudiced at all” is the same. Everyone, whether they admit it or not is a just a little, I read that in a psychology magazine and now I can’t remember the name of it. I pray and ask for forgiveness whenever I catch myself thinking that they’re too good to even say hi back to me forgetting that I have a low voice, which was even lower then, and they may have not even heard me. As long as we pray for that person and whatever problems they may be facing and ask God’s forgiveness for judging I believe we’re OK!

    • Repentance is key here isn’t it, Linda. As fallen humans, we will judge; as redeemed saints, we repent and are forgiven. Praise God for His mercy and His grace to do better.

  • Kristine Brown MTY

    Love this Julie! Guilty here:) Wonderful reminder of our beautiful inheritance. I’m saving this to my Conquering Comparison Pinterest board to refer back to later!

    • Thank you, Kristine! Comparison is certainly a joy and peace thief!

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