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Dig Deeper into Scripture (‘Journal the Word’ Bible Review)

In the United States, the day we focus on giving thanks is almost upon us. And I’m giving away a Bible in the last of my Giving Thanks by Giving Gifts series. The Holy Bible: God’s Word, His Gospel, His truth,

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What You Need to Know About Expectations in Order to Live Joyfully

Expectations can be a thief, robbing us of the joy of the moment. I expected to be working in the natural biology field until old age set in. I expected to have a pretty easy life: filled with hard work,

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Find the Strength You Need and the Joy and Peace You Desire

We attended a liturgical, Scripture-based church weekly where I heard the Word read and preached on. That would have to do, I reasoned. Personal Bible study just wasn’t happening.  Day after day, I convinced myself I couldn’t fit it in. Surely

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5 Reasons to Tuck Scripture into Your Heart

The warm water pelted my skin, washing away all the physical dirt. Yet I longed for a deeper cleaning, one that would also carry off the emotional grime from a long troubling day.  I tried to sing; no hymn came to mind.

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Find Hope Through Daily Bible Reading: 3 Things to Consider

The desperation I felt that afternoon seared deep into my young mind, guaranteeing I’d never forget the event. It was about far more than my brother running away: he never made it very far, and I knew he never would. But

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Secret To Finding Strength When You’re Tired of Being Tired: Be Filled

I’m entering 2015 hopeful but soul weary. Tired deep in my bones. You, too? Then join me in memorizing Scripture.  Now let me begin by saying I’m a terrible memorizer. Actually I’m quick on the initial memorizing but can’t retain

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The Most Important Lesson for Life

Many accounts in the Bible fascinate me. Some because they are exciting and full of adventure and action. But more often because I can relate to one or more of the participants. Every book of the Bible chronicles real-life. I

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The Best Encouragement May Not Always Feel Encouraging

Who doesn’t want encouragement? Someone cheering us on? Someone pushing us to finish the race, complete the job, end well? Of course we all do. Yet sometimes encouragement doesn’t seem … well … encouraging.  Take for example a time when someone

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An Ever-Present Voice of Hope

Into the deepening shadows of the night I ran. Breath coming in gulps. Torrent of tears stinging my flushed face. Exhausted, I finally sank to the dank ground, my scream piercing the wooded silence. The sound shot out from deep

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Getting into the Bible [TV Miniseries and Blog Series]

Have you heard about the new epic 10-part miniseries based on the Bible? It is set to debut Sunday night, March 3, from 8 to 10 p.m (7 to 9 p.m., central) on the History Channel and will run for

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