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For Better or Worse …. Staying Committed In Marriage and In Matters of Faith

For better or worse.  Little did my husband and I know what those words would mean when we repeated our marriage vows nearly three decades ago. Worse wasn’t just one deep valley but many strung together to become a deep

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What You Need to Know When Life Knocks You Down #AdventReflections

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a rather strong person, a pull-yourself-up-by-the-bootstraps kind of person. Generally, I can see the next step and take it. Yet there’s been plenty of times when I’ve felt out-of-control and inadequate to handle a situation.

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When You Want To Dive Deep but Feel Stuck in the Shallows

Sometimes we’re on the verge of diving deep and we don’t even know it. Five and a half years ago I began this blog. Nothing fancy, it started as a place to offer encouragement to those who found themselves stuck

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3 Reasons to Endure (even when you don’t like the outcome)

We can do our very best and still experience unwanted outcomes. Life just rolls that way. Try as we might, our best efforts often fall short. No matter how hard we try to salvage relationships in our lives, some will end. No

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When the Race You’re Running Isn’t the One You Signed Up For

A picture permanently imprinted in my mind and heart is one of my daughter and me running hand in hand through a hill-top meadow. It’s an image of pure joy. But with Rachel’s inability to actually run, that will likely never happen. So we’ve

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When Human Understanding Fails: Stewarding God’s Grace

I’m complaining about lack of snow and a messy house; she’s noticing the intriguing nuances of the gray sky. I’m wrestling over what to fix for supper; she’s wrestling with having the strength to be present for her littles.  I’m

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When Your Strength is Gone

There are times when I don’t think I can take another step, much less get through the day. Times when I carry burdens that threaten to defeat me. I’ve heard others express similar feelings. When struggles become great and we don’t

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Questions to Ask on the Journey to a Beautiful Heart (& the Hope that Follows)

I was certain I was a good person. I knew I’d also be a good wife and a great mother.  In those early years of marriage I never thought I needed to change. And quite honestly, I didn’t want to. 

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When You Want What Is Not Yours to Have (pursuing contentment)

This is an excerpt (with a few tweaks) from a post I wrote to my sisters-in-Christ who are attending the Proverbs 31 She Speaks Conference this week. I thought it might be insightful and encouraging to some of you as

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She Harbors Untold Treasure in Her Twilight Years

In the twilight of her years, how often does she wonder what she has to offer? How often does she think she’s done little and now has even less to give?  Twilight Years Hold Great Treasure When she tells you she’s

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