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The One Reason We Can Face an Overwhelming Future Without Being Overcome #AdventReflections

My friend and I struggle with looking too far into our daughters’ futures. It can be frightening. She because her sweet Taylor has been given a shortened expected lifespan. Me because my sweet Rachel may well live a half century

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When Our Dreams Seem Too Big (live fully)

Sometimes the dreams God’s laid on our hearts seem too big to ever be possible. It’s then we know we’re walking by sight, not faith. I’ve learned much from raising a child who has significant disabilities. One lesson that stands out is don’t

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You Are Not Called to Live a Frazzled Life

We were not created to, nor are we called to, live life frazzled! How do I know? Two reasons: (1) God, our Creator, rested after He created this universe and all the kinds of living things on earth, even though He

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When Your World Turns Upside Down: the unexpected gift

My world has been turned upside down many times in my life. Some smaller flips; some monumental. With each successful struggle, although incredibly difficult at the time, I’ve learned to lean in a little closer to Jesus. What a gift!

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What Does It Mean to Walk as Salt and Light?

Sometimes we put a burden on ourselves we are not meant to carry. We expect ourselves to walk upright in our own strength. I know I do. I don’t want others to see my missteps. I don’t want people to think less of me.  We

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Where to Find Grace When Trouble Comes Knocking

The test results return disturbing news. The phone call delivers worse. The children beg (and bicker) endlessly. The money runs dangerously low. Each day brings more trouble than the previous one. And we wonder where God is. Where is God’s promise

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Because We Won’t Ever Be Good Enough

Lately I’ve messed up in a couple near-and-dear relationships. My actions and words cut the beautiful hearts of my loved ones as I dealt with fatigue and a life that longs to overwhelm. And Satan wants to slap me with the Failure

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Marked for Life: Exactly What You and I Want but Don’t Know It

Marked for Life Pristine blue waters and silky fine sand beckon me near; Clouds hanging lazy implore me linger. Yet seemingly against my will I journey on; through waves that grow fierce as I walk. Bending into the wind, I

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You Can Rest; Your Best has Already Been Secured

It always seems we’re trying to be better: to manage better, to love better, to work better.  And to an extent it is good to improve ourselves. Growth is good.  But it can become a rat race, running an endless

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How To Be Generous and Joyful Even Though You’re Miserable

I’m an emotional person; I cry easily (thanks Mom!). In fact, after I hit send on a short email recently, I began to weep. No, it wasn’t a sad or difficult email. Really, it just said “You’re welcome. :)” So

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