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Hope Can Be Found in Even the Darkest Days (‘Hope Prevails’ Book Review/Giveaway)

“When walking in the valley, the only way out is up. He is our only path out of our despair.” ~Dr. Michelle Bengtson, Hope Prevails Some of us find ourselves trudging in deep valleys, others journey through shallower ones. Regardless,

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Be Comforted in Your Pain (you are never alone)

“Don’t let them hurt me!” My young son’s words broke my heart. Although his immunizations were necessary, it wasn’t easy to listen to his cries. Through my nearly 23 years of parenting, I’ve found myself in the doctor’s office countless

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Grace Delivered in the Birth of Christ (Merry Christmas!)

“Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord.”  Luke 2:11 The Good News! Grace has been delivered in the Babe. The Prince of Peace. The Lamb of God.  The

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Come Lord Jesus, Come! Our Advent Hope #AdventReflections

Recently, I’ve been reminded anew how fragile and precious life is and how tragic this world can be. I’m struggling to process the sad reality of  young men who see no hope and end it all—most recently a friend of my

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What You Need to Know When Life Knocks You Down #AdventReflections

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a rather strong person, a pull-yourself-up-by-the-bootstraps kind of person. Generally, I can see the next step and take it. Yet there’s been plenty of times when I’ve felt out-of-control and inadequate to handle a situation.

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How To Wait Well When You Don’t Like What You’re Expecting

Sometimes we struggle to wait because the excitement of what awaits consumes our thoughts. But sometimes we agonize during the wait because we dread what’s expected.  That’s when it’s difficult to wait well.  Recently my youngest son expressed the dread of

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Be a Faithful Witness to Your Script: “And It Was Beautiful” (a review)

When I stumbled on Kara Tippett’s blog several years ago, I couldn’t get enough. Drawn in by the vulnerable yet hope-filled updates of her battle with terminal cancer, I drank deep of the wisdom God imparted to her through her

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Why You Should Never Suffer in Silence

By hiding our suffering, we suppress the evidence of God’s faithfulness as well. Recently a lady who is going through a terribly difficult season confessed her feeling of isolation. She said she knew others cared and at times became overwhelmed with the love

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Find the Strength to Take the Next Step (review)

“Joy has nothing to do with the position of your body and everything to do with the posture of your heart.” —Rachel Wojo, One More Step Stuck Deep, dark sorrow met me as a twenty-something. In the loss of my baby’s

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When You Feel Helpless (the beginning of healing and strength)

Getting to the end of “me” allows for the beginning of deep healing and supernatural strength. Doing It All From the very first diagnosis of a cleft palate on the day Rachel was born nearly 18 years ago, My husband and I

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