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When You Beg God To Change Your Circumstances and He Doesn’t, Remember This

If we could only remember who’s in charge … and trust.  How often we besiege God about something we desperately want! We beg Him to change our circumstances. We implore Him to bring something to fruition.  Sometimes, however, God says no

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Grow to Trust God Even More

God’s ways are often a mystery, but we can always trust they’re for our best.  The Lord has filled the Bible with truth and instruction, insight and encouragement. It guides, convicts, informs, directs, exposes, empowers, saves…. It endures forever.  Each

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A Surprising Suggestion for When You Are Unable To Move Forward in an Area

Sometimes to move forward you must step back, occasionally even step aside.  Paralyzed You may have noticed I’ve been rather quiet on this blog for a while now. It’s not that I don’t want to encourage you.  In fact it

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Our Abilities Are Insufficient (why that’s okay)

A Christian’s influence should never be measured by her abilities but by God’s.  These past few weeks have provided ample opportunity for me to experience my shortcomings in full color.  I’ve struggled with major overload trying to juggle kid’s school events, doctor

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When You Have More Questions than Answers

Do you have a seemingly never-ending stream of questions you are seeking answers to? Me too. One question leads to another and the answers seem elusive. It’s not even the big why’s I’m trying to answer but the smaller ones: What

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Three Things to Consider When Suffering Makes an Appearance

As believers who love the Lord and long to share in His resurrection, we know we must share in His suffering as well. Most of us, though, want to choose the form our suffering will take. We plan, scheme, beg and bargain to avoid the worst of

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When the Burden You’re Asked to Carry Is Far Too Heavy

Sometimes we’re tasked with carrying a burden too heavy to lift. It’s in those impossible assignments where we discover we’re not alone. Impossible Burden When God asked me to take on the job of parenting a child with special needs, I felt inadequate

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How to be an Influencer (a lesson I didn’t want to learn)

Seven hundred women prepare to make their way to Concord, NC, this week for Proverbs 31 Ministries’ She Speaks conference (for aspiring Christian influencers). I won’t be among them. One minute I’m fine with that, the next my heart longs to be

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7 Steps to Growing a More Humble Heart

“Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves” (Philippians 2:3).  I don’t think of myself as a selfish or conceited person. I’d venture to guess many of us don’t. Yet the Apostle

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When Change Threatens to Zap Your Joy

Change can zap your joy, until you remember what each future moment holds: more Christ.  Lately, I’ve been feeling sad more often. Plainly and simply sad. There’s no big catastrophe to bring it on. Oh sure, there are always a

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