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Every Christian’s Purpose (no need to keep looking)

“The purpose of life is a life of purpose.”  ― Robert Bryne Have you ever questioned your worth? Your purpose? Why you were born into this world in the first place?  I have. And more than once.  What do you have

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The Thing To Do When You Feel Lost at Sea While Still on Land

I wonder how many others feel the way I do. Adrift. Like I’m walking in a fog. A bit uncertain of the direction I am to go. I’m tempted to give into doing what I’ve been doing. Running on the crazy

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When Our Dreams Seem Too Big (live fully)

Sometimes the dreams God’s laid on our hearts seem too big to ever be possible. It’s then we know we’re walking by sight, not faith. I’ve learned much from raising a child who has significant disabilities. One lesson that stands out is don’t

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You Are Seen and You Are Needed (pass it on)

Although she assured me she liked it in the home in which she now resided, I could see it. I saw it in the way tears welled up as we visited. I saw it in her far away look as

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Your Story Is Worth Sharing! (4-Year Blogging Anniversary Giveaway)

Exciting news! August 2 was the 4th anniversary of my blogging adventure. I can’t believe it’s been that long! In honor of God’s grace and blessings over these 4 years and the love and support you’ve extended to me, I’m

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What Each Mundane and Hard Day Needs

Stuck behind a car at a green light, I couldn’t figure out why it was stopped. As I debated whether to drive around, a pickup truck in front of the car made a left turn. Then the car drove on.   I

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Words of Empowerment for When You Feel Inadequate {printable}

My frustration grew. The school van drew near, yet my daughter struggled to get dressed because her fingers kept slipping through the holes in her shirtsleeves (yes, believe it or not, manufactured holes!). No matter how much I coached and reminded, she

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The Real Truth About Your Story: 3 Things You Want to Know

For years I thought my story was mine. It was mine to plan, mine to live, mine to tell about. And I treated it as such. Yet although my plan looked great in my mind and on paper, it didn’t play

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How to Find Fulfillment in the Midst of Your Pain

“I am afflicted and needy; hurry to me, God. You are my help and my deliverer; LORD, do not delay.” (Psalm 70:5) Happiness was mine growing up. Each adventure-filled day became whatever I made it. Little rocked my boat. But

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When You Have Nothing To Offer You Really Have Everything To Give

It was but a few years ago I made the hesitant decision to be a writer. To be an encourager through my words. And it’s been wonderful and not so wonderful, easy and difficult, satisfying and anxiety-ridden.  I stepped in

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Hello, I'm Julie, an imperfect wife and mother of four. Life in this broken world is not always easy. Yet, joy can be found in each day through the grace and mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I find it's easy for our day's BLESSINGS to get lost in its HAPPENINGS. But God's "mercies never end" (Lamentations 3:22) and His "grace is sufficient" (2 Corinthians 12:9).

May the posts and pages on this site offer you a measure of peace and encouragement.

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