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Find the Power You Need for a Chaotic Life by Being Anchored In (& a book review)

When my daughter was little, her  “after school” future seemed far away. Not so anymore. We’re likely within a half year of that future being her present (although she “graduated” with her class last year, she is still attending classes).

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The One Reason We Can Face an Overwhelming Future Without Being Overcome #AdventReflections

My friend and I struggle with looking too far into our daughters’ futures. It can be frightening. She because her sweet Taylor has been given a shortened expected lifespan. Me because my sweet Rachel may well live a half century

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When Our Dreams Seem Too Big (live fully)

Sometimes the dreams God’s laid on our hearts seem too big to ever be possible. It’s then we know we’re walking by sight, not faith. I’ve learned much from raising a child who has significant disabilities. One lesson that stands out is don’t

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Sometimes We Need to See Differently (like these high school students did)

Sometimes appreciation only comes when we choose to see differently. Although my daughter is 18 years old, she speaks with the aid of an iPad. Rachel cannot tie her own shoes or completely dress herself. She has been diagnosed with significant intellectual

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When the Burden You’re Asked to Carry Is Far Too Heavy

Sometimes we’re tasked with carrying a burden too heavy to lift. It’s in those impossible assignments where we discover we’re not alone. Impossible Burden When God asked me to take on the job of parenting a child with special needs, I felt inadequate

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The Key to Loving Well (out of the life of babes)

“Out of the mouths of babes…” is an idiom uttered when a child says something particularly astute and wise. Well I say, “out of the life of babes…,” because out of my children’s lives I’ve learned so many valuable lessons! Especially

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When You Feel Helpless (the beginning of healing and strength)

Getting to the end of “me” allows for the beginning of deep healing and supernatural strength. Doing It All From the very first diagnosis of a cleft palate on the day Rachel was born nearly 18 years ago, My husband and I

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Two Little Words to Utter as You Grow Weary

Sometimes weariness builds over a long day or string of days. Sometimes weariness hits quickly, coming unexpectedly.  The only thing certain is that it will come. We All Grow Weary We will all have moments we aren’t certain we can get through.

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The Truth about Pain and Redemption from My Daughter’s Parched Lips

We often shy away from what’s ultimately best for us because the process to get there hurts too much. But when we power through the pain, we discover healing and growth. Before Rachel turned a year old, she underwent surgery to

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Celebrating Every Life (because every life matters)

This lovely song and video touched me deeply, stirring up emotions that rest dormant in my dailiness. Through tears of tenderness, I’m sharing this video with all of you who love someone who has special needs. And to you, Rachel:

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