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Messy Is Real, but One Day Only Beauty Will Remain #AdventReflections

It’s all messy, but one day only beauty will remain. This is the week serene images of the first Christmas will be displayed everywhere. They will feature Mary, the mother of Jesus, Joseph the Christ-child’s adoptive father, shepherd and wise

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How To Find Beauty in Your Broken World

Brokenness just keeps coming, doesn’t it?  Listen to the news. Walk into a school classroom and observe the kids. Get out of bed for another day.  Brokenness is present in the way we speak, how we act, and what we

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When Your World Turns Upside Down: the unexpected gift

My world has been turned upside down many times in my life. Some smaller flips; some monumental. With each successful struggle, although incredibly difficult at the time, I’ve learned to lean in a little closer to Jesus. What a gift!

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A Psalmist’s Cry During Times of Unrest (#free printable)

When the unthinkable happens and the world spins out of control. When life is overwhelming and your strength is waning. When your stomach is in knots and you don’t know how to unravel it. During times of unrest a psalm can

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Because We Won’t Ever Be Good Enough

Lately I’ve messed up in a couple near-and-dear relationships. My actions and words cut the beautiful hearts of my loved ones as I dealt with fatigue and a life that longs to overwhelm. And Satan wants to slap me with the Failure

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Why You Need a Re-Attitude Plan of Action

Some weeks you wish you could do over or skip altogether. I’m not sure which category last week fell into, but it wasn’t easy. For most of January my daughter has not been feeling her best. Her school behavior has

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When Things Look Bleak and Ugly: 3 Reasons to Walk in Faith Not by Sight

Even when we know a truth, sometimes we struggle to accept the reality of it. Coming back from our honeymoon, my husband and I swung through Yellowstone National Park. Earlier that summer, a forest fire had raged through a large section of the

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What Each Mundane and Hard Day Needs

Stuck behind a car at a green light, I couldn’t figure out why it was stopped. As I debated whether to drive around, a pickup truck in front of the car made a left turn. Then the car drove on.   I

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I Want To Suffer Well: Inspiring Stories of Being Met and Kept

Some of us suffer in our daily living, but die peacefully. Some of us walk a relatively easy earthly path but suffer in our dying. Some of us face both. As of late I’ve been exposed to more stories of

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The Truth about Pain and Redemption from My Daughter’s Parched Lips

We often shy away from what’s ultimately best for us because the process to get there hurts too much. But when we power through the pain, we discover healing and growth. Before Rachel turned a year old, she underwent surgery to

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