The Constant to Cling To When Facing Seasons of Change

It can be difficult to move on in the midst of life changes, but God’s a constant we can all count on. 

It can be difficult to move on in the midst of life changes, but God's a constant we can count on. Click To Tweet

In Iowa we have a saying about the weather: If you don’t like it, just wait a minute, it’ll change. That’s the way I feel about my life recently. 

the constant in change

Facing a Whirlwind of Change

Over the past 5 years, my life feels like it’s flipped upside down.

My children are leaving. My work is being transformed. My ministry is morphing. My identity is changing.

I’m no longer a stay-at-home mom to my four children. I’m now only home part-time.

I’m weary of all the changes and struggling to juggle this “new” life.

I had wanted to write about this once I reached the other side, but the other side keeps moving. 

I miss my boys, desperately. I miss the game nights and wrestling. I miss the snowball fights and tucking them in at night.

Some may say I’m entering the good season of life. That’s not how I see it. 

I miss the day-to-day sameness of pouring into my children. The life of a stay-at-home, work-at-home mom suited me well. 

Clinging to the Rock

Yet amid all the changes and the weariness they’re delivering, I’m clinging to two promises:

  1. God has not and will not change.
  2. God still has a good and grace-filled plan for me … and always will.

Two promises to cling to when faced with wearying changes: God doesn't change, and His plans for us remain good. Click To Tweet

The seasons I’ve walked through have been both hard and beautiful. I know the ones coming my way so rapidly will be as well. 

I need to turn my lamenting of my ever-changing life into storing up the treasures in my heart like Mary the mother of Jesus did. I need to offset my fatigue with prayer and time with God.

Changes do and will continue to occur in my life and yours. There’s nothing any of us can do about that.

But during difficult seasons like this one for me, when we struggle with moving past the whirlwind of changes, we have a Rock to anchor us. 

Entering a season of chaos? 

Struggling with changing roles?

Cling tight to your Rock, my friends! God’s a constant in your life that will never change. And even in seasons of change, He still has a good and grace-filled plan for you. 

Cling to your Rock! In seasons of change, God is a constant, and He still has a good and grace-filled plan for you. Click To Tweet

“There is no one holy like the Lord. There is no one besides You! And there is no rock like our God.” 1 Samuel 2:2

Reflections: Are you wearied by life changes? Are you facing a season of chaos or a change of roles you don’t want? You can trust God to be your one constant in a lifetime of change. Let Him be your rock! 

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I am a blessed wife, mother of four, and follower of Jesus Christ, celebrating each messy day through His grace. I write, edit, and speak as God leads.

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  • Cecelia Lester

    Julie: Life is about change. We change from day to day and from week to week. Sometimes the changes come faster than we want, but they do change. This past Sunday our church said “Farewell” to three young adults who have led our youth program for four years. All three of them balanced their duties to the church with their college studies. Two of them are getting married to each other. She majored in Music at Ball State University, 20 miles away from our town. He had one of those modern majors. The other one, a guy, studied at Ball State to be a videographer. We knew this change was going to be difficult. We adults have been praying about this for sometime. Change makes us stronger in our beliefs and our resolve. I have your name on my prayer list.

  • Eva Evans

    Bless you Julie. Btw, that expression about the weather is one we use in Nova Scotia!

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