When You Need to be Reminded You Are Loved

None of us have it together.

The hubby with the graying hair and propensity for chocolate.

The oldest son, crooked arm and procrastination bent.

The next son, who sports a slightly tipped ear and drags his feet so very slow at times.

Then there’s the girl, rounded belly and s-t-u-b-b-o-r-n.

And the baby—not so much anymore yet always—now taller than Dad and brothers—and just a wee bit manipulative.

They may not be perfect, but they are oh so loved. Not because of their exceptional beauty or accomplishments, but just because they are.


I am also loved. Even with my pale face, dry hands and control streak. I don’t understand it. But I’m loved nonetheless … by many and by One.

You, too, are loved. When you doubt, just listen.

Our Creator draws near and whispers “Beloved.” Not because we do much … or anything for that matter. Not because we are blemish free. Not because we deserve it.

We are the Lord’s beloved just because we are.

And that never changes.

We are the Lord’s beloved just because we are. And that never changes. Click To Tweet

“See what kind of love the Father has given to us, that we should be called children of God; and so we are” (1 John 3:1).

Reflections: Are there times you doubt you are loved? What is one thing you can do today to remind yourself that you are the Lord’s Beloved?

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Yours in grace ≈


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I am a blessed wife, mother of four, and follower of Jesus Christ, celebrating each messy day through His grace. I write, edit, and speak as God leads.

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  • liv4him26.wordpress.com

    Love the imagery of the Lord’s beloved, we think alike!

  • LOVE this – and yes, we are loved – even when we are trying to be controlling! 🙂 I can relate!

    • It’s nice to be in community w/ others who struggle w/ the same issues, Loni. Thanks for connecting.

  • Really nice. It’s nice to know that we are always loved by God , despite any blemishes we have. Thanks for sharing, ~Rebekah

  • I am His Beloved, just because I am. So powerful!

  • Mia

    Oh, Julie, this reminds me when I was young. When people asked me a question, I would often just say … because why!! And this is the reason for His love towards us … just because!! Over from FMF.
    Much love

    • Yes, and don’t forget our parents (and us) saying “because I said so.” We are His beloved because He says so!

  • Lori

    Oh so true Julie!

    i love this – But I’m loved nonetheless … by many and by One.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • perfect. not that we are lovable, but that He is Love and can be nothing else. there’s a great deal of comfort in that. thank you for this.

    • You’re welcome, Kelli. I’m grateful my words ministered to you.

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