How To Love Well and Be Loved Well

You can’t be loved well and you can’t love others well while pretending.

So let’s quit it. Let’s quit posturing and start loving well. Let’s dive into the deep recesses of what makes us tick and let that seep out to others.

Too many of us cover up who we are with a pasted-on smile. Too many of us bury what we need and hide our doubt and insecurity behind a confident external demeanor.

And sadly, that’s contagious. So let’s stop it! 

love well

Learn To Love Well

Let others see the real you and the love you have to offer. In order to love well, we have to dive deep … go beneath the surface to the heart of who the person is.

Let’s open up and reach out, helping each other navigate the potholed path we all walk.

When we are open about who we are and our struggles, others see it and learn to trust that it’s okay to be real. And when we reach out and give others the permission to be honest and authentic with us, we love them like Jesus does.

So let’s quit dancing around with masks on. Let’s care, really care. Deep down, where it really matters.

Let’s love each other, not only when we each have it altogether, but right in the midst of the mess and the messy. Let’s love each other well in process. 

Let's love each other, not only when we each have it altogether, but right in the midst of the mess and the messy. Let's love each other well in process. Click To Tweet

Tell Me and Care

So tell me when you’re hurting. Tell me when you need prayer. Tell me when amazing and wonderful things happen.

And can I ask you for one big favor? Care about my heartaches, my preferences, and my praises as well.

Because when I’m weary I want someone to cheer me on. When I’m lost I want someone to take my hand and gently guide me. When I’m sad I want someone to weep with me. When I’m happy I want someone to laugh with me.

I’m betting you desire the same.

In order to love each other well we must dig deep and be real. That’s key. It’s not easy, but the Lord will help. 

In order to love each other well we must dig deep and be real. That's key. It's not easy, but the Lord will help. Click To Tweet

And as we learn to love well, we open a door to issue the invitation, “I know the One who redeems it all; may I introduce you?”

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“I give you a new command: Love one another. Just as I have loved you, you must also love one another. 35 By this all people will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.” John 13:34-35

Reflections: Do you struggle with being authentic? Do you let others know when you have a need, so they can love you well? How might you better love others? Start with asking the Lord to guide you. 

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Yours in grace ≈


I am a blessed wife, mother of four, and follower of Jesus Christ, celebrating each messy day through His grace. I write, edit, and speak as God leads.

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