Jesus Reigns in Our Mess (A Christmas Confession) #AdventReflections

I expected this Christmas to be different. I planned for this Christmas to be different.

To be quieter … simpler … slower. 

And then life kicked in with a vengeance. The busyness of the holidays — no, my own ideas of the what the holidays should look like — ruled most days. 

Oh, I managed to squeeze in caroling, short visits with a dear friend, and even a bit of Bible study. But my attempt to get it all done won again. 

Even though I know better, even though the beauty and meaning of this holy day has nothing to do with lights, trees, and cookies, I let them own far too much of my time and mental energy.

Recently depleted, I repented and sank to my knees.

Jesus reigns, even in our mess.

Glimpses of Beauty

I messed up, repeating the craziness of past years. Yet, the most beautiful message of Christmas is Jesus entered our mess to clean it up, eventually, forever.

The most beautiful message of Christmas is that Jesus entered our mess to clean it up...eventually, forever. Click To Tweet 

We can’t see the full beauty He brought with Him just yet. But we can glimpse it. 

Even in the haste and busyness I invited in this season, I see the coming beauty.

In the wish, “Have a blessed Christmas,” I scrawled to my daughter’s aide.

In the words, “I love you,” I left with my elderly friend.

In the occasional devotional I read with my children and lighting of the Advent wreath.  

In the thank you gifts I sent to those who have poured into my children this year. 

Jesus amplified my little offerings to be meaningful and beautiful. 

Jesus Reigns, Even in Our Mess

Despite our good intentions, we too often usher in messy when beauty waits nearby. We give our everything to everything else and our little to the important and lasting.

But even when we forget, Jesus reigns. Even when we block Him out with the noise of our doing, He reigns. 

God delivered the world through an infant. He packaged the greatest gift in helplessness. He put salvation into motion with an everyday event.

God is fully able to compound our little to be His glorious. And He does.

The “not much” we too often give can become enough in the hands of the One who brought heaven down.

The 'not much' we too often give can become enough in the hands of the One who brought heaven down. Click To Tweet

I allowed in a messy Advent season, but Jesus is beautifying it.

He’s providing the Light in the midst of the dark.

He’s bringing peace where I ushered in chaos.

He’s infusing joy where I created angst.

This holy season? It’s all about Jesus. It always is (as is every day, really).

And Jesus will reign in our mess as well as in the great beauty to come. That’s the miracle of Christmas. That’s our greatest Gift!

Jesus will reign in our mess as well as in the great beauty to come. That's the miracle of Christmas! #greatestGift Click To Tweet

“The Lord will reign forever and ever!” Exodus 15:18

Reflections: Have you managed a slower and simpler Advent season this year, or like me, did you, once again, pack too much in? Regardless, what glimpses have you received this season, large or small, of Jesus’ reign? 

I am always thrilled to link up with Suzie Eller for #livefreeThursday and this week’s prompt, “miracle of the new-born babe.” Click on the image to check out the wonderful encouragement.

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I am a blessed wife, mother of four, and follower of Jesus Christ, celebrating each messy day through His grace. I write, edit, and speak as God leads.

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